Our Team


Sarah Borealis

Sarah Borealis is a visual historian and documentary filmmaker. In 2010  she co-founded Banda Ancha Productions as an international cooperative of artists dedicated to projects and events that merge local and global perspectives.

Banda Ancha Productions is an interdisciplinary team of professionals, known for producing cinematic experiences with indigenous communities. Their last project, "The Path of Stone Soup," is a multimedia docu-leyenda that has been experienced in more than 15 countries!


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Audrey Flores

Producer, Audrey Flores moved from Brooklyn, New York to Roatan, Honduras in 2011 with the purpose of taking over her family’s business. Being able to reconnect with her Garifuna roots and combine them with her New York City upbringing and her business degree from Baruch College has allowed her to find different ways to help her community.

Today, she is the Executive Director of Flamingo Cultural Center, located in Punta Gorda, Roatan. She is dedicated to the preservation of the Garifuna culture and the empowerment of Roatan’s families. Flores is based in Punta Gorda, Roatan and New York City.


Arturo Juarez

Producer/Director/Cinematographer Arturo Juarez has worked in both film and TV throughout Latin America. Since 2009 he has participated in dozens of productions as Director of Photography and Camera Operator.

He has worked on projects organized by BEST Picture System (BPS), a Latin American media cooperative of which he is a founding member, as well as those spearheaded by other Latin American companies. Juarez is based in Mexico City and Havana, Cuba. Learn more about him in this index of Mexican directors.

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Hafid Velasco

Sound Designer/Multi-media Engineer Hafid Velasco has more than a decade of experience in the development of interactive projects in all stages of production. He specializes in the planning and realization of training courses on new technologies, sound design, and sound post production.

His work has been featured in multi-media festivals throughout Europe and the Americas. Recently he performed a live soundtrack for an animated feature at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Oaxaca, Mexico. Velasco is based in Mexico City and Rome, Italy.


Emilia Lopez

Editor/Storyline consultant Emilia Lopez is an anthropologist and visual artist. She has edited and produced for television and documentary cinema. Her work is interconnected with music of African origins, and the reinterpretation and remix of traditional rhythms in contemporary context.

Her documentaries have been featured in international festivals in Latin America, North America, Europe and Africa. Since 2008 she has collaborated with the independent production house Luzkemada. She works with indigenous communities to narrate quotidian rituals via new media and the production of music and dance videos with communal spirit.

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Nora Flores

Consultant/Location Producer Nora Flores was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of 16 she discovered that she was chosen by her Ancestors to become a Buyei (Garifuna spiritual healer) and has been on a spiritual journey ever since. She moved to Roatan in 2011 to assist in running the Flores family business. In doing so, Nora was able to reconnect with her Garifuna roots and discovered her passion for cooking. She specializies in Garifuna cuisine.

Nora is currently working on many projects which include assuming the role of assistant director at Flamingo Cultural Center and opening “My Roots,” a gift shop that focuses on selling Authentic Handmade Garifuna artifacts. She is passionate about preserving the Garifuna culture and does so in a number of ways: by practicing ancient Spiritual rituals, studying gastronomy, and networking with other Garifuna musicians and entrepreneurs.


edgar n amina

Edgar Amaya

Consultant/Translator Edgar Amaya was born in the first Garifuna settlement, Roatan, one of the Bay Islands of Honduras. He was raised in the community of Santa Fe, near the first Garifuna settlement on mainland Honduras, and spent ten years in the United States. He’s spent much of his life traveling and is familiar with the most common places that Garinagu reside today.

Over the years, he has participated in countless events, workshops and initiatives to preserve the Garifuna culture; Edgar specializes in marine life and agriculture.